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At Cosmetic Bliss we are confident that we have chosen as our partner clinics and surgeons the very best available, not only in the Czech Republic but anywhere in Europe, in terms of standards of care, expertise and state of the art technology.

We personally visit and inspect the clinics we recommend for your procedures, and we are in constant contact with the surgeons and administrative teams. We know how important it is for you to be certain that you are in safe and experienced hands when making such a major decision as deciding to have surgery. Choosing the right surgeon and clinic is vital, and we feel that the information here will reassure you that you have made a wise choice.

Why choose the Czech Republic?


  • Hospital-spread infections are a tremendous source of worry for anyone considering elective surgery here in the U.K. The levels of secondary infection in the Czech Republic are VERY LOW. Hospital-spread infections such as MRSA and C.Difficile are a major worry for anyone considering elective surgery in the U.K. The rates of MRSA in the Czech Republic are less than half those of France and Belgium, and just a fraction of those in the U.K. Scrupulously clean, clutter-free hospitals and clinics, careful nursing and patient handling regimes and a commitment to take all necessary measures to avoid secondary infections ensures your safety in our partner clinics and hospitals.
  • The hospitals and clinics we have carefully chosen as partners are modern, very well equipped with state of the art technology and compare most favourably with the best Private facilities here in the U.K., yet they provide affordable top quality care and treatment - with friendly English-speaking staff dedicated to your comfort and well being - AT A FRACTION OF THE COST YOU WOULD BE MADE TO PAY AT HOME.

The levels of expertise, training and competence of medical and nursing staff in the Czech Republic are extremely high in relation to the U.K., and amongst the very best anywhere in Europe. For exampleCzech plastic surgeons have to work in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery for 4 years under supervision before obtaining their certification. In order to become certified they need to have gone through the following training: college for 6 years, followed by specialization in general surgery, 2 years of practice as a postgraduate under supervision of senior doctors, followed by a further 2 years of general surgery practice, followed by passing a selection procedure in order to further specialize in plastic surgery, followed by 4 years of plastic surgery (theory and practical) practice in a state certified clinic for plastic surgery. This practice is under the supervision of senior plastic surgeons. Finally a thorough final examination in plastic surgery.

These are all legal requirements in order to become a plastic surgeon in the Czech Republic. All Czech cosmetic surgeons are qualified plastic surgeons. This level of compulsory training is considerably more stringent than in the U.K.

Our Cosmetic Surgery Partners – Riva Clinic Brno

Our cosmetic surgery partner is the prestigious private Riva clinic in Brno. It is led by the famous Professor  Pavel Brychta , who is Professor of Plastic Surgery and Head of Department (Burns & Reconstructive Surgery) at Masaryk University in the city. The clinic,which occupies a beautiful historic building,  has modern state of the art equipment, facilities and operating theatres, very comfortable patient rooms and an excellent reputation. The standards of work of the surgeons at Riva are second to none.

The team of surgeons who work in the clinic each specialise in different areas of cosmetic surgery, eg. Rhinoplasty, Facial surgery, Breast reconstruction etc.

Each of the surgeons, and the Clinic Manager speak good English, and are ready to help and advise on all aspects of your proposed surgery. Nurses and admin staff are skilled and friendly.

Click here to view the C.V of Cosmetic Surgeon, Prof. Pavel Brychta.

Click here to view the C.V of Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Hana Zimovčáková.

Click here for more info on our partner Cosmetic Surgery clinic in BRNO.

Our Weight Loss Surgery Partners – BMI Clinic Brno

Our partner in Brno is the clinic of Chief Bariatric Surgeon, Michal Cierny MD. PhD. Dr. Cierny is a specialist surgeon of high reputation, having been performing laparoscopic surgery for the last fifteen years. He is one of the foremost Bariatric specialists in the Czech Republic, being a committee member and a founding member of the Bariatric section of both the Czech Surgical and the Czech Obesitologic Society.

He has lectured on weight loss surgery in Amsterdam, Oporto, Istanbul, Manila, Las Vegas and Durban in South Africa, and his English is excellent Dr. Cierny will personally conduct all the weight loss surgeries for our clients coming from the U.K. at his modern private clinic in Brno, where he is the chief surgeon. The operating facilities for laparoscopic surgery at the clinic are first class, the nursing is caring and attentive and the patient accommodation is scrupulously clean and comfortable. Throughout your stay in his clinic in Brno you will be under Dr. Cierny's personal care and supervision.

Aach Patient (2 bed) room has TV & DVD player. You can bring your own DVDs for your stay if you wish

Click here to view the C.V of Bariatric Surgeon, Dr. Michal Cierny.

Click here for more info on our partner Weight Loss Clinic in Brno.
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