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Breast Reduction, Breast Uplift and Re-Shaping

All Inclusive Package Price 3850

Why choose the package?

The procedure alone costs 3195 without taking into consideration any travel, accommodation or other costs. Everything is included in the package – and we take care of all the arrangements for you

What’s included in our package price?

  • OUR PERSONAL ATTENTION - One of us will be there in Brno to meet you at the hotel and to accompany you to the clinic for your procedure. We will visit you afterwards too – making sure everything goes well for you
  • All pre-operative tests and investigations required at the clinic before your procedure
  • Pre-operative consultations with your surgeon at the clinic
  • Your surgical procedure itself including all materials/anaesthetics as required 
  • All medicines and dressings whilst at the hospital and during your stay.
  • All post-operative check-ups and examinations during your stay
  • Overnight accommodation in your first class room in the clinic for two nights following your procedure, including meals and full nursing care
  • All garments/compressive bandages needed for your return home
  • Full Cosmetic Bliss after care package, with free Bio-oil and post-procedure advice

What extra costs are there?

  • NONE
    You should consider Surgery Protection Insurance - Click here.
  • If you wish to take a friend/partner with you we can arrange their discounted accommodation at an extra charge. Just let us know at the time of booking. We will also be happy to extend your stay for you if you wish to do some sightseeing after your procedure.

We can offer an initial consultation where our surgeon can look at your medical history and photos and let you know if surgery is suitable and which procedure would give the best results. Please click the button below and complete the online form for your initial consultation.

About Breast Reduction

Breast reduction, technically known as mammoplasty, is a surgical technique reducing your breast size, achieving a smaller and firmer breast in proportion to the rest of your body. Breast reduction surgery may also relieve physical problems, such as backache, neck ache and even psychological problems that can affect your personal relationships.
The surgery is often combined with breast uplift (also called breast modulation or mastopexy) to help reduce and reshape your breasts. It not only has an impact on your breasts but also on your posture, your muscles and back, and allows you to take more exercise and enjoy different clothes.

Breast uplift is a surgical technique, consisting of lifting and improving the existing shape of your breasts. Pregnancy and the natural ageing process can often cause a loss of firmness and shape to your breast; and uplift surgery can be an ideal way to correct this.
The first step to be taken is to complete the medical questionnaire and send photographs for us to pass to your surgeon. Any issues related to the size and shape of your breasts need to be discussed as your surgery needs are unique to you, and your surgeon’s approach and recommendations will reflect this.

What Happens in Surgery?

The procedure is performed in an operating theatre under general anaesthetic, and can last 2–4 hours. Your clinic will usually arrange for you to have a mammogram before the surgery.  If you require breast reduction (mammoplasty) the surgeon removes the excess fat, glandular tissue and skin that contributes to the overlarge breasts.

In performing a breast reduction, uplift, or re-shaping, to achieve the desired shape your surgeon may make anchor-like incisions, creating a vertical line downwards from the areola to the line curving beneath your breast. Your surgeon can then lift the underlying breast tissue, reshaping and improving the breast contour and firmness and relocate the areola. The areola, its blood vessels and nerves are repositioned together in most cases. The size of the areola can also be reduced, if necessary. Your surgeon will make the decision in consultation with you before the operation as to the most appropriate technique to use.

These are all straightforward procedures. You will usually remain at the clinic for 1-2 nights. If a drain is introduced during the surgery, it can usually be removed within 24 hours, and you be asked to wear a compression bandage and a special surgical support bra. This bra should be worn at all times (even at night) for 14 days to 3 weeks.

Our clinic insists you remain in Brno for 7 days after release from clinic. On the last day the surgeon will remove the fine sutures before you fly home. The reasoning behind this is that the surgeon who completed the surgery does not wish a Practice Nurse or GP in UK to do this: cosmetic surgery stitches are very fine and it is important that they are removed correctly to ensure a perfect outcome.

Your sutures can usually be removed 14-21 days after the surgery.

Immediately after the surgery your scars will be red, firm and raised. These scars will mature, fade, and soften within 3–12 months. In many cases the scars will heal and fade over time until they are barely visible, though it is impossible to predict prior to surgery the final appearance of your scars. The regular use of Vitamin E Cream or BIO-OIL will help to reduce the scars, as will a healthy diet, exercise and drinking plenty of water.

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The after care that Cosmetic Bliss give is second to none! They not only say they care but they go out of their way to prove they care.

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