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*Facelift (Rhytidectomy)

All Inclusive Package Price 4145

Why choose the package?

The procedure alone costs 3445 without taking into consideration any travel, accommodation or other costs. Everything is included in the package – and we take care of all the arrangements for you

What’s included in our package price?

  • OUR PERSONAL ATTENTION - One of us will be there in Brno to meet you at the hotel and to accompany you to the clinic for your procedure. We will visit you afterwards too – making sure everything goes well for you
  • All pre-operative tests and investigations required at the clinic before your procedure
  • Pre-operative consultations with your surgeon at the clinic
  • Your surgical procedure itself *Full facelift including SMASS and Neck lift including all materials/anaesthetics as required 
  • All medicines and dressings whilst at the clinic and during your stay.
  • All post-operative check-ups and examinations during your stay
  • Overnight accommodation in your first class room in the clinic for two nights following your procedure, including meals and full nursing care
  • All garments/compressive bandages needed for your return home
  • Full Cosmetic Bliss after care package, with free Bio-oil and post-procedure advice

What extra costs are there?

  • NONE
    You should consider Surgery Protection Insurance - Click here.
  • If you wish to take a friend/partner with you we can arrange their discounted accommodation at an extra charge. Just let us know at the time of booking. We will also be happy to extend your stay for you if you wish to do some sightseeing after your procedure.

We can offer an initial consultation where our surgeon can look at your medical history and photos and let you know if surgery is suitable and which procedure would give the best results. Please click the button below and complete the online form for your initial consultation.

About Facelift Surgery

A facelift can give you a long lasting answer to the effects of the ageing process on your face. The result will give you a more youthful, fresh and energetic appearance and it may enhance your self- confidence in the process.

Facelifts are very individualized procedures, and it will be important for you to discuss in detail with your surgeon the types and extent of the procedures that will be just right for you. When you send us the completed medical questionnaire and photographs we will be able to consult initially with your surgeon, in order to give you a guide to the most likely appropriate treatment.

In general, the aim of the procedure will be to tighten the loose and sagging skin of your face, neck and jowls. It may improve deep creases between your nose and mouth and remove the folds and fat deposits which appear around your neck. A facelift cannot remove the deep permanent wrinkle lines on the upper and lower lips and forehead, but there are laser treatments and filler (Botox, Restylane) solutions which will help reduce their effect. A facelift can also be combined with upper and lower eyelid surgery at the same time to give you a complete face treatment * See price below. . It may be more convenient for you to combine the treatments, and it will certainly be less expensive than having two separate operations!

During your procedure, which can last from one hour to three hours or longer, depending on its extent, your surgeon will remove and tighten the excess facial skin, muscle and tightens the next, deeper layer in a procedure known as submusculoapo­neurotic system (SMASS).

Your surgeon separates the skin from the fat and muscle below. Some fat may be removed to improve the contour. He then tightens the underlying muscle and SMASS, pulls the skin back, and removes the excess. The SMASS technique makes your facelift last longer than facelifts that lift only the skin and allows your new smooth neck contour to remain much longer.

Very fine sutures will secure the layers of tissue and close the incisions. The exact procedure followed depends on your facial structure and the technique. Usually most of the incisions are made along the hairline behind the tragus in the ear, in order to avoid visible scarring.

After a major facelift you will spend 2 nights in the clinic, where you will have bandages fitted and will be closely monitored to ensure your recovery is as pain-free as possible, and to avoid the risk of a haematoma. You will feel sleepy and a little sore at first, but there is not usually significant pain or discomfort after the surgery. . You will be given some painkillers and tablets to reduce the swelling. Your surgeon will also prescribe antibiotics to prevent any potential infection. For 2-3 weeks there may be some swelling and bruising and the skin of the face may feel a little strange with some stiffness and numbness. This will wear off in time.

You will be given a compressive head bandage to wear home, and this must be kept on as long as your surgeon recommends (usually two weeks). It is also a good idea to bring a headscarf and sunglasses for after you are discharged from the clinic.

Our clinic insists you remain in Brno for 10 days after release from clinic. On the last day the surgeon will remove the fine sutures before you fly home. The reasoning behind this is that the surgeon who completed the surgery does not wish a Practice Nurse or GP in UK to do this: cosmetic surgery stitches are very fine, especially those used in facial surgery, and it is important that they are removed correctly to ensure a perfect outcome.
Whilst a facelift can't stop the ageing process, it can “put back the clock” improving the most visible signs of ageing, and giving you a much improved look which can boost your confidence enormously.

* The Full Package price quoted above is for a full facelift with SMASS and neck lift. If you wish to include eyelid surgery (upper & lower eyelids) at the same time, the Full Package price will be 4595 (procedure only - 3995) There would be one extra night’s stay in the clinic if eyelid surgery is added, the price includes this.

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