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Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

All Inclusive Package Price £3650

Why choose the package?

The procedure alone costs £2900 without taking into consideration any travel, accommodation or other costs. Everything is included in the package – and we take care of all the arrangements for you

What’s included in our package price?

  • OUR PERSONAL ATTENTION - One of us will be there in Brno to meet you at the hotel and to accompany you to the clinic for your procedure. We will visit you afterwards too – making sure everything goes well for you
  • All pre-operative tests and investigations required at the clinic before your procedure
  • Pre-operative consultations with your surgeon at the clinic
  • Your surgical procedure itself* Full rhinoplasty including work on bone and cartilage if needed including all materials/anaesthetics as required 
  • All medicines and dressings whilst at the clinic and during your stay.
  • All post-operative check-ups and examinations during your stay
  • Overnight accommodation in your first class room in the clinic for one night following your procedure, including meals and full nursing care
  • All garments/compressive bandages needed for your return home
  • Full Cosmetic Bliss after care package, with free Bio-oil and post-procedure advice

What extra costs are there?

  • NONE
    You should consider Surgery Protection Insurance - Click here.
  • If you wish to take a friend/partner with you we can arrange their discounted accommodation at an extra charge. Just let us know at the time of booking. We will also be happy to extend your stay for you if you wish to do some sightseeing after your procedure.

We can offer an initial consultation where our surgeon can look at your medical history and photos and let you know if surgery is suitable and which procedure would give the best results. Please click the button below and complete the online form for your initial consultation.

About Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is one of the most demanding of cosmetic surgery operations.  The purpose of the surgery is to change the shape and size of your nose. The procedure, which can be performed under general or local anaesthetic, depending on the extent of re-modeling, is one of the most frequently performed operations and enables your nose to be re-aligned in proportion with the rest of your face The nose may be straightened, a hump on the bridge of the nose lowered or a depression filled - usually with sculpted tissue taken from inside the nose where it is not needed. Reduction rhinoplasty can make the bridge of the nose and the tip of the nose smaller. The shape and size of the nasal tip may be adjusted, the angle between the tip and the upper lip can be changed, and the distance from the face to the tip of the nose can be altered. . It may not be possible to make a big nose small but the balance of the nose between the tip and the bridge can be made to look more natural.

The surgery is normally done by an internal method, through the nostrils. In reduction rhinoplasty your surgeon will make cuts inside your nostrils to reach the bone and cartilage. The shape of your nose will then be created by partially removing and re-shaping the bone and/or cartilage. The skin over your nose is left untouched and due to its elasticity, can shrink down to the new shape. In making the nose smaller and narrower it may also be necessary to make your nostrils smaller. This is done by making further cuts in the skin of the nostrils, which leave fine scars on each side, which will follow the contour of your nostrils and not be visible.  Your surgeon will advise you whether you may need this procedure.

In augmentation rhinoplasty (increasing the size of your nose) your surgeon will make a cut inside or between your nostrils and re-shape the bone. Additional bone or cartilage may be needed to build up the nose. If cartilage is used it may be taken from spare cartilage inside your nose and sometimes artificial implants are used.   The skin over your nose will probably not need to be cut as it stretches over the new shape.

After your operation you will have dressings in each nostril for two or three days, which prevent you from breathing through your nose. You will also have a splint over your nose to hold the bones in position. The splint can be made with various materials but usually is Plaster of Paris. This plaster will be removed just before you fly home. You will experience some bruising and swelling, particularly around your eyes, which will usually take up to three weeks to disappear completely.

You may find it difficult to breathe through your nose, but this should ease as the swelling settles. It will take about three months for the swelling to disappear completely.

Your nose will also feel numb and stiff, particularly around the tip if you have had a reduction rhinoplasty. The numbness will disappear slowly during the next few months but the stiffness is likely to be permanent.

For a major rhinoplasty, you should expect to stay in the clinic for one night, and remain in Brno until you have had the splint removed and a final check up on the 9th day after surgery.

Whilst there is no medical reason why you should stay away from work on your return to the U.K., you will probably feel more comfortable taking some time off and returning when the bruising has disappeared.

Because the nose is the focus of the face, a successful rhinoplasty can have a greater effect on your appearance and on your self-image than any other form of cosmetic surgery!

* The Full Package Price Quoted above is for a Full Rhinoplasty. If a Minor Rhinoplasty, involving reshaping of only the tip of the nose is required the price is reduced to £2845 (procedure only - £2345), and the length of stay in Brno is reduced also.

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