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Testimonial for Bariatric Surgery

Dr. Cierny performed banding surgery on Jarka (50) in Brno in 2004.  This is her story...

“I had been carting my huge weight about for years and I wasn’t able to control my appetite and bad eating habits.

As a teenager I enjoyed sports very much but later, after I got married and after my second child was born I began to gain weight. At first I did manage to lose weight again by dieting but then after a while it would just pile back on. I realised that food became my comfort when I had stress and personal problems. I always loved to cook – it is one of my main hobbies, but I just could not stop my weight increasing. It kept on increasing until I reached 140 kg – that’s 22 stones!!!. Soon I began to suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure as a result of being overweight.

I had to go into hospital with a stomach problem and whilst I was there the surgeon explained me that my morbid obesity could be treated with surgery. He explained the principles of gastric banding. I didn’t hesitate at all, and right there and then I made up my mind I wanted to go ahead with the surgery. Before I could arrange the surgery I had go off to see some specialists in non-surgical therapy of obesity – dieticians and psychologists, to make sure I was right for surgery. My longing to have a normal figure was simply beyond the imagination of anyone who had not felt the helplessness of being hugely overweight.

Dr. Cierny performed laparoscopic gastric banding surgery on me in May 2004. After the surgery I felt very well. My weight went down slowly. Sometimes, though, when the reduction had stopped for a little while my mind would turn to thoughts of food again, and I would fantasise about preparing a big tasty meal, especially late at night if I was alone. I can really confirm that breaking your psychological dependence and the old wrong habits of living are very important in the battle with obesity.

After I’d had a few adjustments of my band, I managed to stay in control of all my food cravings and went on loosing weight. I had to learn to eat very small portions and to eat slowly and more often. I have learnt over time not to tempt fate by trying to take that extra forkful of food as it might prove a rather unpleasant experience.

Since I had my surgery with Dr. Cierny I lost about nine and a half stones (60 Kg)  in 14 months and now I am about twelve stones (77 Kg).

After losing all that weight I needed some cosmetic surgery too.
I can honestly say I am very happy about my decision to get the gastric band!”

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Customer Comments

Iím really overwhelmed at how friendly, caring, kind and helpful you and Michael, the nurses and all the doctors were, thank you all so very much.

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