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Cosmetic Bliss Surgery Protection Insurance

Due to unforeseen circumstances and on very rare occasions, there may be additional costs incurred when undergoing surgery such as an additional hospital stay or further medication not included in the original invoiced surgery price. All medical emergencies not directly resulting from your surgery will be covered by the EHIC scheme - and we ask all patients arranging surgery to ensure they have an EHIC card.

However, in the unlikely event that complications arise from your surgical procedure Cosmetic Bliss provides an insurance cover for a small additional fee to cover the majority of these eventualities. We suggest all patients, cosmetic and weight loss seriously consider taking this insurance, but for higher risk Weight Loss Surgery patients - as defined on the sleeve and band information pages, we strongly recommend taking this insurance cover. It provides peace of mind and protection against potential additional costs.

Cosmetic Bliss Surgery Insurance has been designed for our clients who travel to Brno for surgery. It is designed to safeguard and address problems associated with cost overruns resulting from unexpected overstays in hospitals that are beyond the control of the patient.

What is covered?

  • Any unplanned or unforeseen stay in Intensive Care following surgery, except for the first two days
  • After release from Intensive Care or ITU to normal wards or clinic any additional stay in the hospital/clinic after the first two days
  • Up to 14 weeks after surgery
  • The reasonable cost of a hotel for one accompanying relative - Limit 500
  • The reasonable cost of travel for one accompanying relative - Limit 500
Cosmetic Bliss Surgery Protection Insurance
Cosmetic Surgery Package Valued Less Than £3000
Cosmetic Surgery Package Valued Over 3,000
Weight Loss Surgery Packages

What is not covered?

  • Where the patient chooses to stay longer in the hospital or rehabilitation facility than is deemed necessary by the supervising surgeons/physicians.
  • The first two days of any unplanned or unforeseen extra stay following surgery.
  • When the patient has a BMI (Body Mass Index) above 60.
  • Patients with a heart condition or history of coronary heart disease or stroke.
  • Patients over the age of 60.

Maximum Cover in all circumstances is 6,000 in total.

How do I apply?

Simply tick the "Insurance" box when completing your medical questionnaire and the quotation you receive will automatically include the Surgery Protection Insurance
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Customer Comments

After the operation I cannot stress how high class the treatment was. It can only be described as PERFECT.

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