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Testimonial - Alison B, cosmetic surgery

Like anyone considering plastic surgery I did a lot of research and contacted a lot of companies for prices and opinions on my photographs. But I have to say Cosmetic Bliss was the only company that offered me a personal response and was not just concerned about selling me a procedure.

My friend was in the process of organising weight loss surgery through Cosmetic Bliss also and she agreed the service was second to none.

I had to wait a while for a price on the surgery I required as it was a full body lift and Deb was in discussions with a new surgeon, but when she contacted me with a price for ALL of the surgery I was astounded it was cheaper than having just a tummy tuck in the UK and this was to include tummy tuck, arm lift, thigh lift and buttocks lift WOW.

The day to travel has arrived, it was pre agreed that I would meet Deb and Michael at the airport I was very nervous, off to a foreign country on my own for major surgery, my partner was not coming out to be with me until I was discharged from the clinic. What a pleasure to meet both of them a truly fantastic couple.

Monday morning and it was time for my pre surgery tests, Michael escorted me to the Riva clinic and within minutes of arriving I was taken to a consulting room and was back out and on my way back to the Hotel well within the Hour. A very professional service.

Tuesday “day of surgery” panic was beginning to set in!!!

Met my surgeon for the first time Prof Brychta, lovely man and he did the normal thing and assessed my body. Sadly he decided to do the full body lift in one surgery was a little risky as there was far more excess skin that he had been able to see by the photographs alone, I was quite disappointed by this but once he explained that it was for safety reasons and that if I had it all in one go there would be no comfortable position for me to lie in so for now I was getting a tummy tuck and arm lift and I am to return in May for the remainder of my surgery ( buttock lift and thigh lift ).

Obviously I cant remember much more that day other than waking up and not being in as much pain as I anticipated. The nurses were brilliant always making sure I was comfortable and had everything I needed.

Anyone considering having plastic surgery abroad you will not be disappointed by using the services of Cosmetic Bliss, they are second to none honestly. They did everything they could to make sure I had what I needed, and made sure my family were kept fully up to date on my recovery.

I am looking forward to my next trip in May.

Alison B, cosmetic surgery
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You and Michael in particular are fantastic ambassadors and really look after your clients.

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