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Testimonial - Lyn, weight loss surgery

Things are going so well for me, thank you. In some ways the weight loss is the least of it! It's not the numbers on the scales, it's being able to walk to the shop, buy from "normal" clothes stores, flying without the extension seat belt, but most of all being free of a 24 hour pre-occupation with food. I have my life back and I am remembering the person I used to be.

I eat what I want, when I want and if I want. I do find I still prepare too much quite often but gone is the compulsion to finish it. Before the surgery I still had my doubts that I would feel full and as you know my main worry was still feeling hungry but not having the capacity to satisfy that feeling. I truly do feel full in a way that I never did before. I eat out every week, ordering starters or children’s portions(which I seldom finish). If I want something only available as a main course I ask for it and usually they can oblige or I ask for a doggie bag.

My tastes have changed. I was always the one to have lots of carbohydrate to less protein but these days I am more indifferent to pasta bread and rice. I don't have a problem with them I just prefer a different balance now. I have a vitamin pill every day and some source of calcium but apart from that anything at all really. I remember reading that this surgery was only a tool not a magic bullet...... but you are wrong. It is a magic bullet. Can it really be this easy?

The only symptom I have at all is when I eat too fast/or too much I start to sneeze (honestly) and my nose runs like crazy for a few minutes. I was sick once very early on and have felt nauseous a few times but I now know pretty much what is the right kind of portion for me.(and yes I do use a side plate and a small chinese bowl)

I have lost five inches from my waist hips and chest, and even two inches from my ankles!

Every Tuesday I think about the people starting out and I smile because I know the way their lives are going to improve. I am so grateful to you both and to the team in Brno.

I want to say this to anyone considering weight loss surgery and looking at Cosmetic Bliss:

I didn't go with this option because of the great price. Even when my self esteem was at its lowest I knew my life and health were too important to base my decision on price. Go because of the extensive tests they do before they even agree to go ahead. Go because of the minimal infection rates. Go because this is the speciality of the surgical team. It isn't something they do once in a while. Operating on big people is what they do. Go because of the high quality of human nursing care. Not least go because the way Cosmetic Bliss works - they metaphorically, and literally, hold your hand through the process. This is a time when you will feel vulnerable and having someone there who can deal with the logistics of transport, knows the hospital and the city and the way things work there is very reassuring. Use their experience, personal and professional. I am pretty independent but the week I spent in Brno I just gave in and let the team look after me.

My very best wishes

(Just for the record I am 15stone 7lbs yeeehaa!!!!! – I Forgot to add I have now lost 8 inches from hips and waist and 7 from my bust. New disadvantage is that I have to put more water in the bath.)

Lyn, weight loss surgery
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I would have no reservations recommending all you guys to anyone and everyone.

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