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Testimonial - Mrs J, Gastric Banding 28/08/07

I first looked at lap banding in January this year (2007) but I did not get a good feeling about any of the companies I saw advertised. I called some though but along with the no confidence feeling, they seemed expensive.

I went on my hols in May - on a Cruise. I love Cruises, but I did put on more weight, so I came back and thought "I really need to do something about it".

I was a good size 12 when younger but put on weight when I developed an under active thyroid - 3 stones in all. I managed to lose it, but I went through a messy divorce and then had a car accident which meant I could not exercise and so I piled on the pounds. I felt so down and also I started to work from home sitting on the computer. Before I knew it I got up to 16st 111/2 lbs.

I used to walk the dogs in morning when no one would see me and in the dark at night.

I tried Weight Watchers, Herbalife and Slimming World, but failed to lose weight.

So, one Monday - you know, the Monday you are going to diet again and break it before lunch - after the May holiday, I searched again on the computer and a company called Cosmetic Bliss came up.

I read the information on the website and thought "this can't be the price" and I read all about the surgery, the doctor, the place etc

I got a nice feeling about it, so I called them.

I got Deborah - she is lovely! She spent so much time explaining - not like other companies, and she said "I'll leave it up to you, but if you decide to fill in the form the Doctor will look it over , you need to meet a certain criteria, they don't just take anyone."

So, I thought about it for a day or two, filled in the form and after a few days Deborah called me to say the Doctor said that I was suitable for it mentally and physically.

So I booked my flight (my lovely partner came with me) and paid the deposit and before I knew it I was there.

Brno is lovely, and cheap too! When we got there we found the hotel was nice and comfortable and for anyone going with you, they do a great breakfast.

I went to hospital the next day (Monday) - a taxi ride away.

I got all my tests done but they found more than I bargain for - a hiatal hernia, an ulcer and kidney stones!!! I know if I had not had the tests done it could have been serious if not found.

I got my operation on the Tuesday. Dr Cierny (who is lovely & speaks good English) treated me for all my other problems no extra cost. When I woke up was a bit sore but no worse than a bad bad period pain. They gave me pain killers. I slept a while, but when I woke up did not feel hungry.

The hospital itself is so clean, and where else would you get a doctor that would come into see you every morning at 7 am, and last thing at night?

I was up and walking on the day of my operation, and got out on the Thursday.

Deborah was there when I was in the clinic, it was great to meet her - a lovely lady. (She called me and has e-mailed to see how I am getting on since I returned home.)

I ate my clear soup etc and did not feel hungry at all. I lost 13 1bs in the first week !!!

I feel great. Every day I know I am losing weight and I now feel positive about the only area in my life that was worrying and depressing me, and if I had not had the op to help me lose my weight, I know I would have just put on more weight still, and the other health problems would have gone undetected and I could have been really ill.

I would recommend it to anyone. The doctor is lovely and so are the nurses. It was an experience - not an ordeal, and an end to me being heavy. I'm looking forward to going back to get my band tightened, and to seeing everyone again - and losing more weight!

This Christmas my partner is going buy me a lovely party dress for his works do. Until now I've hidden under a disgusting baggy thing.

Look out people the old me from my younger days is coming back!!!!

Love to everyone, and thank you all again xxx

Mrs J, Gastric Banding 28/08/07
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The after care that Cosmetic Bliss give is second to none! They not only say they care but they go out of their way to prove they care.

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