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Testimonial - Nia, Gastric Sleeve

After spending most of my teenage and adult life obese and becoming morbidly obese over the past 4 years I finally decided that I needed help. I had been back and forth to see my GP from the age of around 14, and I had looked into obesity surgery over the past few years but finally decided January this year after a lot of thought and talking to my family and husband that I would have the surgery.

I researched the internet looking at different company’s and procedures and finally found Cosmetic Bliss, I spoke to Michael and there and then I knew I was going to use them, he was very friendly and explained my options to me clearly and told me to get back to him when I was ready (there were no pushy phone calls and I wasn’t pressured into anything)

Michael and Deb met us in Stanstead airport, there were two other lady’s having the same op which put me at ease to know we could all support each other.

When we arrived at Brno we were collected from the airport and taken to our hotel for the first night. The hotel was lovely and clean and the following morning our taxi arrived to take us bright and early to the clinic for tests and to meet the surgeon Mr Cierny. The hospital looks a little dated from the outside but the BMI clinic is immaculate and brand new, the nurses are fantastic and very friendly.

Dr Cierny was the first person to meet us at the hospital (and even carried my case to my room) He and his staff are lovely, they put me totally at ease and couldn’t do more to help throughout my stay. Dr Cierny is a very approachable & friendly surgeon who is more than happy to answer any questions you have. (he was checking up on the patients PERSONALLY at least 3 or 4 times a day). I was made totally aware of what was involved and ALL of my questions were answered. I cannot rate Dr Cierny, his Staff and Michael and Deb from Cosmetic Bliss Highly enough, they are FANTASTIC people.

The operation itself went smoothly and everything was done to make sure I was comfortable. I was out of bed the night of the op, and by the following day walking around, it’s difficult to describe but I would say It was more uncomfortable than anything.

Since coming home I have been amazed at the results of the op I am now 12 weeks post op and have lost 4 and half stone (63lb).I stuck to the strict diet which I had to follow for the first few weeks but am now able to eat pretty much what I like but nowhere near the amount I used to, a baby portion now fills me up and no longer feel hungry (Honest!) I am able to go walking without getting out of breath and I enjoy it. I have started swimming again and have been every day this week and I feel great (I wouldn’t go swimming before the op as I was to embarrassed). My family can see the difference in me, and I can honestly say hand on heart that having the Gastric sleeve was the best decision I have ever made.

Thank You Cosmetic Bliss and Dr Cierny, I’ll keep you updated.

Nia, Gastric Sleeve
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After the operation I cannot stress how high class the treatment was. It can only be described as PERFECT.

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