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Cosmetic Bliss have had many happy customers, here is some of the great feedback we have been given by our clients.

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People have started to comment on my weight loss which is great and I feel better for being less heavy.

I can't begin to thank you both for all your kindness to me when I was in the clinic.

Ms J.T, 2 months after weight loss surgery


After spending many a year as morbidly obese man I came across Cosmetic Bliss on the internet. After careful consideration and reviewing other websites and lengthy phone calls with questions and answers to Deborah and Michael, I decided to take the plunge and change my life forever and opted for the Sleeve operation.

The build up to the operation was good Deborah and Michael kept a clear line of communication open with me asking if I had any final questions before I went and so on.

The service that Cosmetic Bliss offer sounds good - but to put it in a nutshell its way beyond what you will expect!

The Owners of the company meet you at the airport and take more time out to know you and understand you and why it is that you are doing this. After arriving at the airport you are picked up and taken to the hotel where you can enjoy your last meal before your life will change for the better. Once at the clinic you are introduced to several consultants who will look after you and a team of highly caring professional nurses.

After the operation I cannot stress how high class the treatment was. It can only be described as PERFECT. You are more or less assigned a nurse to look after you per day. The consultants come and visit you twice a day. Deborah comes and visits you every day.

The after care that Cosmetic Bliss give is second to none! They not only say they care but they go out of their way to prove they care.

As for Dr Cierny and his team of staff words cannot describe how he and his staff have changed my life. I have nothing but praise for him and everyone connected with Cosmetic Bliss. In my opinion they cannot be beaten on Quality of Service or on price.

Mr R.B, 09/02/08


I have to say that my experience with Cosmetic Bliss and Dr Cierny's clinic was excellent. I would have no reservations recommending all you guys to anyone and everyone. You and Michael in particular are fantastic ambassadors and really look after your clients. But more than that, your genuine empathy, compassion and desire for the best for people is refreshing, heart warming and really appreciated, thanks again to you, Michael, Dr Cierny and everyone else for making my experience a very positive one.

Ms J.G, Sleeve Gastrectomy


I'd like to say thank you again for making this all possible for me. I'm really overwhelmed at how friendly, caring, kind and helpful you and Michael, the nurses and all the doctors were, thank you all so very much.

Ms M.D, Sleeve Gastrectomy


I have no regrets at all about having the procedure - except maybe that I didn't do it years ago!!

Y.M, 2 months after weight loss surgery


Since the procedure, I have actually felt very well - better than I have done for a long time. The only problem I have found is that as I'm becoming smaller and smaller, my husband and the dog are becoming bigger and bigger, picking at my leftovers - I've never had leftovers before! I'll be booking the dog in with Dr Cierny shortly!!!

Ms G.R, 3 months after surgery


I feel so much better, so full of energy, It's the best thing that I have done and I wish I had done this years ago!!!! Itís not only the weight loss that you feel a difference, itís you as a person. We went to a concert the other night and during it I wanted a cuppa. I was able to run up the stairs and once I got to the top I thought to myself "I wouldn't have been able to do that before".

Mrs C.S.


This is just a quick e-mail to say thank you yet again, I am so grateful for your support and help and most of all your kindness towards me before, during and after my stay in Bruno.

Also I would like to say again how wonderful Dr Cierny and the nurses are in the BMI clinic, I was overwhelmed by their kindness towards us.

They truly are Amazing people who could do enough for us.

And if I remember correctly I weighed 142kilos the day I arrived at the clinic and exactly a week on I'm weighing 135 kilos which is a brilliant start towards my new healthy life.

I cannot say thank you enough to you all.

Ms N.W.


It is not just my physical health that has improved also my mental wellbeing has taken a boost most of the negative feelings have been replaced with hope, no longer do I feel like I ďblow itĒ and can not go on. The self-defeating cycle has been broken and that leaves me free to get on with other things. Work has never been busier, but I now have the energy to cope with this. The gym helps with the toning up but will not be enough Iím afraid, my flabby bits are becoming saggy bits. Never mind, what I save on the food bill is being redirected to my tummy tuck fund.

Mrs E.R


I feel 'normal' for the first time ever. My obsession with food is over. I can go out without taking a picnic along! The op was the best thing that I have ever done. Lots of people are now commenting on my weight. I intend to lose another 3 stone (gradually). I also do exercises at home, plus the odd bit of cycling, skipping and running. Most of the time I can wear a size 14 now. When I had the op I was a size 18. I really cannot thank you enough, for making this possible. Keep up the good work.



Everything has been fantastic since My return home - I can't believe the difference already, in fact on my way home from the airport I couldn't stop smiling! I feel so different in myself, not just my body but in my mind. I feel so much more in control of everything, even my house has been sorted and cleaned from top to bottom and I'm finding that I am staying on top of everything. I just can't believe I'm eating the little amount I am managing and I never feel hungry!! I just want to say a really big Thank You for your help and support during my stay in Brno. Deborah, you really put me at ease and made the whole experience more relaxing. I've recommended you both to several people and wouldn't hesitate to advise anyone to book with you in the future. The staff at the hospital were so lovely, helpful and very caring, they all spoke such good English and really did help put our minds at ease. Say 'Hi' to everyone for me!!

Ms M.L.


I think the last e-mail I had sent you I said I had lost 6 stone, well now I am 6 and half stone lighter!!! I'm at 15st at the moment and I am working to get to 12st by the end of Jan. I have been setting myself small realistic goals. My last goal was to loose a stone in 7 weeks, I managed 17lbs in 6 weeks :)

I shall keep you both updated!!



I can't believe it's only been a month since the op, time has flown by. I returned with a really positive attitude that I have found it hard to explain; probably something to do with taking action over something that I really didn't like about myself. Clothes are starting to be a problem; as I don't want to buy any just yet; as I don't plan on them fitting for long! I've lost just under 2st as of this morning which is hard for me to believe; I know it won't carry on like this but it is fantastic! I didn't realise I had lost so many inches; I had to check my waist measurement 2-3 times before it sank in.



I have lost nearly 10 stone now...I weight 14 stone 5, and I look great if I say so myself. I feel so much better, my energy levels are sky high and my confidence is next to none. I feel such a better person, and I love it, I really really do.

Itís strange how much of a difference losing weight has made to my life. I feel like a different person, and, strangely, I get treated differently too. When I was big, people assumed Iwas dumb and thick, I guess...very narrow minded, but true. I would truly love to work with people with weight problems, as I remember being big and having a size 8 nutritionist telling me to eat carrots every day until I looked 'normal'...such a improbable word.

Thanks for keeping in contact...this surgery has truly changed my life, and I canít express how much gratitude i have to you and my surgeon.



I just wanted to email you and thank you both. I am now at 10stone 7lbs with a new lease of life, imagine I've even been dancing. Your wealth of knowledge and the service you both provide is invaluable. Thank you once again for giving me the opportunity to be happy with myself.

Ms J.D. (8 months post surgery)
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After the operation I cannot stress how high class the treatment was. It can only be described as PERFECT.

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